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Christian Kozalla3rd of May '211 min.

Developer's Resume Template - made with Tailwind, Vite and Ionicons

This is a template for you if you want to put your resume online to share it easily with future employers or clients!

I've made the resume template with

  • TailwindCSS - A utility-first CSS framework
  • Vite - Next Generation of Frontend Tooling
  • Ionicons - Open source icons. Lovingly hand-crafted.

Resources to start

Instructions on how to get the template working for your can be found along with the Code on GitHub

Live Resume Example

Story behind

I've redesigned my resume from the ground up, lately. I was tired of keeping a Word / PDF document always up-to-date. In addition, I enjoyed the simplicity of updating websites just by pushing new code to a repository! Plus, a website offers a lot more freedom to style and design according to your likes.

I thought of several advantages of building my resume as a website instead of a PDF:

  • Responsive - A website looks great on all screen sizes
  • Every design is possible - CSS offers an abundant variety
  • Easily share the link with friends, employers or clients

Another nice side-effect: I was waiting for an opportunity to try some tools and libraries like Tailwind and Vite. So my need for a new resume was a perfect match in this case! 😄


If you'd like try out the template or if you have any feedback about the idea whatsoever, I'll be glad to receive your feedback 🙏

Hope you like the template and it can help you on your developer career! 🌱

Thanks for your attention! ❤️