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Christian Kozalla31st of Oct '202 min.

Picking a frontend framework as a beginner

When I started Web Development I picked React as my first frontend library, because its so popular and this was all I knew about, then. Please, don't get me wrong upfront, I love React! ..and I think that it is righteously so popular for good reasons!

But in retrospect, I sometimes ask myself whether it's been the best choice for me to start with as a bloody beginner in Web Development?! When I think back (..only several months back) to when I first started coding with React, I only knew the bare basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

In other words: I barely learnt to walk with these langauges in order to make my first steps, but suddenly I wanted to take a giant leap with that thing called React. Surely, I wasn't aware of that at that time.

I did not know that I wasn't ready for React, yet. But I went through tutorial hell anyways.

Somehow, partly due to persistent motivation and certainly due to abundant fantastic content from the React community, I managed to make some tiny steps with React aswell.

Most recently, I started learning Vue.js because it is used in my first project as a Junior Frontend Developer. Before that I only knew about the existence of Vue. Now, that I have tried it, I kinda wish for having made a more informed decision earlier, before jumping into either React or Vue as a beginner.

Because now that I've tried both Vue and React, I feel that Vue (maybe) requires a lesser knowledge of JavaScript in order to accomplish something.

So, I'm interested in how you feel about picking a frontend framework/library as a beginner. Do you have similar or completely different experience?